515 WEST 29TH ST  |  New York, USA

As the only site at the 90-degree inflection of the High Line, we sought to create a certain fluidity and movement at 515. The location necessitates a sculptural approach to the treatment of the building. Situated at the gateway to the Hudson Yards, the building is broken down into three stacked, shifting volumes, transitioning between the urban scale of a city skyscraper, to the pedestrian scale of the sidewalk. 
On the facade, successive rows of overlapping curved glass fins create an undulating, dynamic surface; recalling the movement of the city, and serving as an architectural register to the changing seasons; much like the shifting, lush landscapes of the High Line. At its peak, the building culminates in a sharp, up-lit, mesh-clad crown, floating above generous outdoor terraces, the perfect vantage point from which to observe the city below.
The interior of 515 juxtaposes modern living with the neighborhood's profoundly urban and industrial roots. Concrete panels in the lobby serve as an urbane transition into well-appointed residences, where a minimal aesthetic combines with a textured material palette; taking one from warm, textured woods to smooth, calm stone.