This Leedon Residence show suite follows the development’s overall concept of an urban retreat. Designed to highlight the architectural space, the apartment strives to capture the overall tranquillity of the project, blurring the distinction between exterior and interior. The airy living and dining area takes full advantage of the double height space offered by the architecture, providing elegant surroundings for entertainment or relaxation. The bedrooms’ design puts emphasis on privacy, comfort, and individuality, showcasing the adaptability of the architectural space.

The residents’ wellbeing is prioritised through the selection of materials, finishes and furniture that seamlessly unite it with the development’s architecture and landscape. Far from enforcing a particular trend, every detail is carefully designed in order to create a cohesive, comfortable whole. From the custom door handles to the silk-backed shelving, the design is tailor-made for serene, effortless and elegant living.

The interior finishes are chosen to complement the architectural space and to preserve its inherent qualities. Playing with contrast and texture, the meticulously selected materials are combined so as to emphasise their essence: dark timber panels meet pearl raw silk cushions, hammered bronze is set off by the softness of a wool carpet, rough linen is juxtaposed with smooth leather. Possessing their own timeless elegance, the materials are harmoniously arranged to create a relaxed yet sophisticated environment of a true urban retreat.