RANG MAHAL II  |  Singapore

As the Pan Pacific Hotel, where Rang Mahal is housed, was undergoing renovation, the restaurant was transferred to different premises. The layout was conceived as a great dining hall of old European mansions. To create an element of surprise, patrons first pass through a low foyer lit by the sensual red glow of the backlit glass wall. At its end, they are greeted by a grand double height room with a central row of banquette seating flanked with four-seater tables. The palette is kept to elegant off-whites and creams with contrasting dark accents of the black lacquer chair backs and the antique bronze accessories. 

The adjoining private dining room epitomizes the concept with its long eighteen-seater communal table. The spatial grandeur is coupled with a slightly darker palette of taupes and warm greys, which, together with softer mood lighting, creates a formal yet comfortable setting.

Some previous design elements were kept but updated: the chandeliers, previously hung in separate locations, were joined in a striking row in the private dining room; the bronze artefacts, presented on silk-backed shelving bordered by screens, were used to punctuate the feature wall of the main hall, becoming its central focal point.