Featuring a Signature Tower with 220 key Hotel + Serviced Apartments, two Apartment Towers, a Retail podium and Recreational facilities, the spirit for this development was to create a centre node with a civic character in an otherwise homogeneous residential urban fabric.
The development’s location next to a parkland area presented the opportunity to merge the outdoor areas of the two sites into a more meaningful urban gesture. A water court extending beyond the site is defined as the heart of the development anchoring the different programs around a large communal space.
The architecture is crafted as a layered composition of pure volumes, juxtaposing and intersecting each other around this water court. The number of towers was deliberately determined as three elegant monolithic blocks, organized in two clusters—a main signature tower which rises up to 250m and a pair of lower residential towers. Their placement was carefully considered to create a balanced skyline with strong iconic presence in Qujiang Residential District.