Soori High Line is an oasis in the city. This 11 storey, 31-unit mid-rise residential condominium in New York City introduces SCDA's well-honed residential design sensibilities to Manhattan. The architecture seeks to manipulate notions of interior and exterior space by seamlessly weaving twelve private swimming pools with generously appointed living spaces, integrating the natural elements of water, fire and light with interiors of crafted luxury.
While an intricate metal and glass facade filters light in and views out, soaring double-volume ceilings and architecturally-modulated interiors provide the perfect sanctuary for unique resort-style living in the heart of a bustling city. Visual connections on the interior are heightened by volumetric plays within multi-storey units, immersing inhabitants in an interplay of space, light and airiness.
The pièce de résistance are the private heated 20- to 25-foot long salt water swimming pools, tastefully integrated into the living spaces of over a dozen lower-floor apartments; while rooftop pools atop spectacular triplex penthouses afford truly memorable views of the city beyond.


The apartment interiors embody the notion of the Manhattan loft with their high ceilings, open plan living/dining areas, and full height windows. Generous architectural volumes are accentuated by the vertical lines created by the built-in shelving, the timber cladding on the walls, and the minimalist pendant lamps.

Lush, deep sofas and armchairs soften the linearity of the hard finishes, creating a balanced ensemble. However, the pursuit of equilibrium goes beyond the well-organised layout, finding its source in a distinctly Oriental sensibility. Fire, water, earth, wood, and metal—essential feng shui elements—are subtly present in apartments through private fireplaces, swimming pools, planters, timber clad walls with chic metal trims.

This unique blend of Eastern and Western spatial principles resonates throughout the whole development, taking luxurious living to a new level of harmony and comfort.


Video  |  Award-winning international architect Soo K. Chan takes viewers into the creative process behind his New York debut. For more information about Soori High Line, please visit